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Saturday, January 2, 2010


Sunrises and sunsets? Beautiful music? The face of a little child? Emotion from one from whom you would not expect it? Witnessing acts of charity and kindness?  Something moves you.  It motivates you.  Preachers, employers, leaders, and others try to tap into what moves people to produce the desired response.  So do spouses and parents.

I find it interesting that Paul said that bonds and afflictions did not move him (Acts 20:24).  The psalmist says the blessed and righteous man would not be moved by opposition and trouble (Psa. 16:8).  The idea conveyed in scripture is a difference between being moved--troubled, distressed, and disturbed--by lack of faith and courage and being moved by the things that ought to touch, stir, and break the heart.

The cross ought to move us.  The love of God ought to move us.  Grace ought to move.  Fear of judgment and hell ought to move us.  Thoughts of the joy and bliss of heaven ought to move us.  The brotherly kindness of others, either shown to us or to another, ought to move us.  The tearful repentance of another ought to move us. Singing praise to God ought to move us. Others' grief ought to move us. One's decision to become a Christian ought to move us.  Proof of God in nature ought to move us.

Isn't it interesting that God has placed within us a chord that can be struck by deep, spiritual things?  It is disturbing to think that some are not or no longer moved by the things just mentioned.  Some are moved to tears by puppy dogs and sentimental movies but unmoved by Calvary and God's free gift.  May we be a people whose hearts are reached by the powerful gospel and the God it reveals!
--Neal Pollard
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