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Saturday, January 23, 2010

What is worship?

Worship is NOT to show the genius of the worshipper, but to express and praise the Genius of God.
    All the angels and heavenly beings recognize that God is the center of worship and that He alone is to be praised (Rev. 4:8-11; 5:12-13). In fact, any worship that does not keep focus on the Creator is not acceptable to God. Jesus Himself said, "You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only shalt thou serve" (Matt. 4:10).
    True worship is built on a recognition of the things God has done for us and NOT what we can or have done for Him!  He alone deserves the honor and glory. After all, "In Him we live, move and have our very being" (Ax 17:28). Anyone or anything that takes center stage during worship, regardless of how clever or talented he/she may be, is robbing God of His rightful place in worship. That means the worship is not "in Truth" (John 4:24), and is therefore rejected by God Himself. 
    Too often assemblies gather under the name of religion to observe what man can do instead of assembling to express praise for what God has done.
    Man is NOT to be the center of worship. Worship is NOT to be a performance for the benefit of other human beings. God is the audience - - not man!  Whenever worship is arranged so that man has the center stage in stead of God, we are guilty of worshipping the created instead of the Creator. (cf. Romans 1:21ff).
    Artistic performances that exalt man rather that God is not acceptable to God. Often performances are made supposingly giving God the glory, but in reality they are boasting, or showing off a talent they say God has given them. This was the same problem at the Corinthian church when people would boast about a spiritual gift they possessed. They exalted themselves because of the gift rather than the Giver of the gift, even though they would give "lip-service" to God. Worship that exalts the talents, abilities, and works of man shows complete indifference to the greater works of the Creator.
    Worship is not to be for the purpose of exalting man or for the purpose of entertaining man. Worship must be for the purpose of praising and glorifying the Creator. Nothing else is true worship. God alone is to be worshipped, and He alone should be considered the only audience.  All preparation for worship should be arranged with God in mind as the audience, the only One who watching and considering the things that are being done.                                      Stay Hungry - Toby Miller

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