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Monday, January 25, 2010


Our youngest son Seth loves children and in return children respond to that love and love him right back. The one problem is exists is that small children have trouble saying the name Seth, so years ago one of them started calling him "Stuffy" and it just stuck.

This past week uncle Stuffy was watching our grandchildren, Christopher, 8  years old and his little sister Allison, 2 (going on three), while their parents went out to see a movie. Stuffy and the children had a great time and everything went well. It seems that Allison had gotten some little girls high heel shoes as a Christmas present. Her mom says that Allison loves them and wants to wear them constantly. For awhile she even wanted to take them to bed with her.

When our oldest son and his wife came back to the house that evening uncle Stuffy was sitting on the sofa with his feet up and the kids playing in the room. Hanging off the toes of his size eleven feet were Alison's little 6 inch long high heel shoes. She had hung them there trying to share her most favorite thing in the world with uncle Stuffy.

You know, "our most favorite thing" is usually apparent to others. If we love cars we talk about cars constantly. If we love our house, it is the topic of conversation we most often bring up. If it is our children or grand children, people who know us, know about them. We share that which is important or special or exciting to us in hopes that others with think it important or special also.

The thing about sharing is that as we sometimes don't want to do it. Maybe we have a favorite piece of Jewelry we like to wear and have others admire, but don't really want to loan it out for someone else to wear. It may be that you have a "high class" set of tools that you are proud of, but no one else is allowed to touch. It could be that you have special, maybe even expensive books that you love, but won't let anyone else touch or read. You see the point is that most of us have something which we enjoy, treasure or cherish for some reason that is important to us. We may want to tell others about that, but don't ask us to actually share our treasure with others.

I think that some of us are like that with Jesus. We love going to church, singing the songs even praying to God, but we aren't willing to share him. I'm not sure why that is; I'm confused about the difference between sharing Jesus and sharing pictures of our grandchildren. Aren't they both important, don't we love both?

What I want to do is to encourage you to take a serious look at your life and see what your life says you really love. When you talk with people do they see what is important to you? You see, life in general has a way of getting us sidetracked from what is really important. Work, kids, clubs, collectables are all important on some level, but someday they will all be left behind. Jesus said in Matthew 10:32, "Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven," (NIV).

Maybe it's time to take Jesus out of the display case, pick him up off of the coffee table, take him out of the tool box or safe and share him, really share him with others. If a little 2 ½ year old girl shared her most precious thing with uncle Stuffy, what can we share with those around us?

Russ Lawson

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