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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pro life Super Bowl commercial

Neal Pollard

I am an admitted "Gator Hater."  Growing up a huge fan of the Georgia Bulldogs, it is expected of you not to like the University of Florida.  It is nothing personal; it is wholesale, institutional prejudice.  While I am not likely to ever root for their football team to have a winning season, their soon to be alumni, superstar quarterback is now one of my heroes.  I have tried to ignore his wholesome image and even his deep, religious conviction. Wag your head in shame at me if you will, but he killed my Bulldogs every year!

But his latest effort has me in permanent awe of him.  It did not happen on any gridiron.  It happened in a production studio, the work of private donors who paid the exorbitant cost for Focus On The Family to run a 30-second-ad during the Super Bowl.  Feminist groups (one of them called it "extraordinarily demeaning and offensive") and abortion advocacy groups, all of whom I thought were supposed to be pro "choice," have excoriated Focus, CBS, and the Tebows, for running a "divisive" advertisement (I suppose "pro-choice" must mean "for" the "choice" of "abortion only"?).  They are circulating online petitions to get the ad removed from the ranks of Super Bowl commercials (which includes some illustrious, wholesome spots--remember last year?!).  Tebow held a news conference to address why he would appear in the ad, and he simply said he was standing up for what he and his mom so strongly believed to be right.  Tim's mom, Penny, supposedly shares her decision not to have an abortion despite her doctor's recommendation that she do so.  Several advocacy groups automatically conclude that this makes it a political commercial. Perhaps they fear a likable sports superstar telling the public that it is a good thing to choose life will be harmful to the cause they seemingly cherish dearly.

Tebow has been criticized roundly and repeatedly for dragging his faith out onto the field.  It may cost him endorsements.  In the current culture, it might even hurt his NFL draft position (although I would not hold my breath for that; have you seen him play?!).  There is much hypocrisy here.  Feminists groups ignoring the repeated, worsening sexual objectification of women in nearly any type of commercial.  Abortion groups decrying someone promoting the "other" choice.  Critics who do not mind hedonism, materialism, agnosticism, and the like paraded, but convulse at any sign of theism.  
Yet, here is what stands out most to me.  Tebow is willing to risk criticism, personal loss, and stigmatism to stand up for principles firmly rooted in biblical teaching.  
What am I willing to risk for my Lord and His will?  Thanks for the challenge, Tim.  I wish you well.

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