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Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 new year resolutions

 Well, here we go again. A brand new year! Everyone who saw 2009 come in is now a year older, and hopefully a year wiser.  There's a certain wisdom that comes with age, a kind of wisdom that can't be explained or written down on paper. In fact, it's so complicated most of us don't even try. When we do we fail. We've all heard our parents say something like, "When you get older, you'll understand."  Many of us are now telling others the same thing.
    There's a certain "cathartic" effect that takes place at the beginning of every new year. A kind of breath of fresh air with a thought in the back of our minds that this year is going to be better than the last. Many make specific  resolutions toward that goal without any idea how it will be achieved.  Still, we have hope.  Personally, I'm keeping the same resolution that I've had for many years: "I refuse to be a lukewarm Christian."  We know from Revelation 3:16 that "luke-warmness" will expel us from the presence of our Savior. Nothing good can ever come from such a position. Whatever else our life is about, and what ever else we are able to accomplish, will be of no eternal value if at last we are cast away from the presence of Jesus.
    The year 2010 also means that we are one year closer to the date that God already has fixed in His mind when Jesus returns to gather up His one and only Church.  What a reunion that will be!  To see and meet with those who have been truly faithful to God throughout the ages; to see our faithful loved ones who died with infirmities back to glowing, perpetual health;  to sing in harmony with the angels;  to have perfect understanding of God's Will, and be able to walk through the "Heaven of Heavens!"
    However, it all depends on what we do during this present "testing" period called "LIFE."   We must "know and obey" the Gospel (2Thess. 1:7-8).  We often sing the song, "No Tears In Heaven," and that is not only true with us, but also with Jesus!  That is, Jesus will shed no tears for those who turn their back on His Cross where He shed His Blood to purchase His Church.  While God "desires" all to be saved (2Pet. 3:9), Jesus Himself says the majority will be lost, and only a few saved (Matt. 7:13-14).  How many is "a few?"  We'll all find out soon. 
    Why don't you join me in my New Year's resolution and refuse to be a lukewarm Christian!                             -- Toby Miller

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