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Friday, December 25, 2009

Gifts We Give to God

Is there a name we omitted from our gift-giving

The custom of giving gifts at Christmas has its
roots in information found in the Bible. Matthew
tells us of the response of the wise men to the
star that suddenly appeared: "For we have seen his
star in the East and have come to worship him"
(Matthew 2:2). They didn't come to worship empty-
handed; precious gifts of gold, frankincense and
myrrh were presented to the young child (2:11).

God didn't command us to celebrate the birth of
Jesus. He did, however, command celebration of his
Son's death for our sins, and we fulfill that
command every first day of the week when we
partake of the Lord's Supper (1 Corinthians
11:26). But is it ever wrong for us to give gifts
to God? If loved ones merit tokens of love, God
certainly does!

What kinds of gifts might we give to the Lord?
Here are some suggestions:

• A commitment to draw closer to the Lord through
daily Bible study and prayer would be a wonderful
gift to give God. We'll actually receive the
greater benefit from such a gift, but a close
relationship is what God desires. Communication
with him is the way to make that happen.

• A decision to serve God more regularly would be
another great gift. It doesn't have to be
elaborate. Jesus said even a cup of water given to
some thirsty stranger would be rewarded by God
(Mark 9:41).

• A mission trip would be a way of showing our
gratitude to the Lord.  People in some places
rarely (if ever) hear pure New Testament
Christianity presented to them. Perhaps more could
consider devoting a week, month or more to doing
something for the Lord's kingdom.

• Your warm smiles and handshakes at worship and
Bible study assemblies are gifts to God. Will
visitors to these assemblies be warmly received?
You can determine to be more outgoing to visitors
as your gift to God.

• Your contribution each Lord's day is a gift to
God. Yes, it is how the church "pays its bills,"
but it's so much more than that. My offering is a
response of my heart, showing either gratitude to
God or a hollow act born of habit.

You can surely come up with other ways to give a
gift to the Lord. He has given so much to us.
Isn't it only right that we show in tangible ways
how grateful we are?
--Tim Hall

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