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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Attractiveness Of Humility

    There are magazines and media outlets that come up with the most attractive men and women on the planet.  Beauty contests, the Junior Miss, Ms. America, and Ms.
University pageants, are seeking the most attractive people.  There is a reality show trying to find the next supermodel.  In an image-conscious world, people have their idea about what beauty and attractiveness are.  Yet, the Bible says that humility makes one beautiful.        
    The Humble Look Wealthy (Ps. 37:11).  Wealth and glamour are seen as hand in hand by the world, but this is not the kind of wealth the worldly would recognize.  David speaks of the humble "inheriting the land" in much the same way Jesus says "the meek shall inherit the earth" (Matt. 5:5).  The contrast of the Psalm is between evil-doers who trust in themselves and the righteous who are dependent upon God.  Those who rely on God put their trust in the One who has it all.
    The Humble Look Well-Preserved (Ps. 76:9). The good news is that no face lifts or cosmetics are needed for this well-preserved look. The Psalmist exalted at the fact that God will save the humble.  Here, the writer speaks of salvation from a physical calamity.  Scripture repeatedly demonstrates humility as a precursor to salvation.
    The Humble Look Like Jesus (Matt. 11:29).  It seems that Isaiah prophesied that Jesus would be plain and ordinary in physical appearance (Isa. 53:2), but no one in all the histories of men is more attractive than Jesus in all the ways that count. Jesus says "I am humble."  When we come to Him and imitate Him, we will look like Him.
    The Humble Look Childlike (Matt. 18:4).  Everyone wants to look younger.  Spiritually, Jesus says we must humble ourselves like a child to enter the kingdom.  Children in their innocence have the attractive qualities of trust, forgiveness, and gentleness.  Those who humble themselves like a little child bear the same marks.
    The Humble Look Well-Placed (Jas. 1:9).  It takes no corruption or "knowing somebody" for the humble to look "well-placed."  The Bible says that God gives a promotion to the one who humbles himself.
    The Humble Look Graceful (Jas. 4:6).  Thankfully, that is not the same as coordinated and adroit.  Simply, God gives grace to the humble just as He resists the proud.
    The Humble Look Well-Clothed (1 Pet. 5:5).  You do not have to wear the latest fashions or make the cover of GQ.  Humility is the clothing and it perfectly coordinates with anything in a spiritually mature "wardrobe."
    As we contribute our share of money to the billions spent on improving our physical appearance, let us spend more time on the "inward man."  Let us watch and care about our appearance--spiritually!  It will make us more attractive to the sensible and spiritual around us, but most importantly it will make us attractive to God!
--Neal Pollard
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