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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tis the Season for Fools


          Have you seen or heard of the billboard in New York and other places, put up by American Atheists? It has wise men traveling toward a manger beneath a star. It reads: "You KNOW it's a MYTH. This season, celebrate reason." The American Atheists have been "celebrating reason" since 1963. Apparently before that, they were fools too...?


          Christmas and Easter are the seasons for the fools to come out of the proverbial wood-works.  Not the ones who are celebrating Christ's birthday - although it's safe to say that God is not concerned that we celebrate the birth of Christ. If He was, He would have told us to celebrate it. We ought not to do God's thinking for Him nor think that we can "out-spiritual" God by creating celebrations, for His sake, that He did not command.


          Having said that, the incarnation is at the heart of Christianity. Contrary to the beliefs of certain religious groups like the Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses, if God did not become flesh, there could be no salvation. It's only because of the incarnation that we have a perfect sacrifice for our sins.


          No, the fools to which I refer are those who incessantly attack Christians for believing that this world didn't happen by accident or for believing that - yes - Jesus was born without a physical/human father and yes - He did raise from the dead.


          I'm referring to fools like Dr. Stephen J. Hawking - professor of physics at Cambridge University and best-selling author.  His most recent work, The Grand Design, purports to show that the universe could have come into existence by itself.  What?  That is a totally stupid idea.  How could anything produce itself? Where did the energy come from that produced the thing in the first place?


          Perhaps you've heard about the billboard above - Celebrate reason this season.  Yes - please! It is reasonable to believe that either mind is eternal or matter is eternal.  Hawking does not believe the latter; why can't he see the former?


          "The fool as said in his heart, 'There is no God'" (Psalm 14:1).


-Paul Holland

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