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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is Jesus the reason for the season?

One of the often seen quotes at this time of the year is, "Jesus is the
reason for the season." Of course that is in reference to the coming
Christmas Holiday. I realize that for a lot of folks that is a very true
statement. The question is, should it be that way?

What makes the month of December any more holy or inspiring than any other
time of the year. Samuel Johnson wrote this about this season: "(We as a
people or) the Church does not superstitiously observe days, merely as days,
but as memorials of important facts (or events). Christmas might be kept as
well upon one day of the year as another; but (I feel) there should be a
stated day for commemorating the birth of our Saviour, because there is
danger that what may be done on any day, will be neglected."

Are we in danger of neglecting remembering the day of the birth of Jesus?
Well, in all honesty you have to admit that the church we read about in the
bible never celebrated that day. Was it a momentous occasion? Absolutely! It
received a detailed description of the day in the gospels. The problem as I
see it is not the keeping of Christmas, but remembering Jesus every day.

Our daughter-in-law Mylinda shared these words of wisdom from our adorable 4
year old grand daughter Allison: One morning Allison told her mom: "Jesus
lives in your heart. That's where I keep MY Jesus, in my heart, all day

You see, too some Jesus is the reason for this particular season; yet those
with more insight realize that Jesus is the reason for EVERY season. My
prayer is that like that 4 year old little girl; I can keep Jesus in MY
heart all day long. Not just this season or this month or on the 25th of
December, but every day.

From now on, whenever I hear the phrase, "Jesus is the reason for the
season," I'm going to try to respond, "No, Jesus is the reason for every
season, "because I have him right here in my heart all day long.

Russ Lawson

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