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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weather and the book of Revelation

1.     In Rev. 4:1-6 we have several references to weather.

2.     Rev. 4 is especially noteworthy because it is a brief glimpse into what heaven is like.

3.     Ezekiel said something very similar – Ezek. 1:28 – READ

4.     The rainbow promise in Gen. 9 is suggestive of divine mercy.

5.     The rainbow imagery Rev. 4 is also suggestive of mercy, plus a fantastic description of God’s glory.

6.     In verse 5 of Rev. 4 we have references to “thunder and lightning.”

7.     A politician might look at this and the first thing that enters his mind is “climate change.”

8.     Thunder and lighting are examples of POWER.

9.     A flash of lightning can heat the air around it to a temperature 5 times hotter than surface of sun.

10.  One of our hymns says “our God is able” – truer words have never been spoken.

11.  If we look past Rev. 4 and go to Rev. 6, we go from thunder and lightning to “wind.”

12.   Rev. 6:12-14 – READ

13.  John describe a “great wind” which caused unripe fruit (figs) to come off a tree.

14.  In the Old Testament “stars” are an image to describe nations, rules and power.

15.   Based on all the OT imagery used by John, it is reasonable to conclude this is what John describe here.

16.  In verse 15 John spoke about earthly rulers and authorities.

17.   God tells us those people who are unlike fruit – they are powerfully attached to someone or something –

18.  A time is coming when they are going to be shaken loose.

19.  Verses 16-17 tell us what they unsaved will be thinking and saying – READ



1.     Rev. 7:1-3 – READ
In the book of Revelation we have 3 especially prominent images – seals, trumpets and vials.

2.     Each of these 3 items is associated with the number 7.

3.     In Rev. 7 we come to the 7th seal.

4.     When we get to the 7th seal, 7th trumpet, and 7th vial, we come to the end of time.
Squeezed in between these two seals are the events in Rev. 7.

5.     Is the wind being held back a gentle breeze or mighty gusts which would result in destruction?

6.     Rev. 7 – verses 9-10 – READ

7.     God has power over the weather; He also has the power to forgive sin.

8.     He has the power to help those who are His people and the power to overthrow those who are not.

9.      If man can be overwhelmed by hail and a great downpour, what about facing an all-powerful God?

10.  We need to be “washed in the blood of the lamb” and “walking in the light?”  Is this true of us?



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