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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Baburam Jakhar

Baburam Jakhar watched the religious ceremony intently. After all, a part of this ceremony involved a snake charmer and a live cobra. Part of the ceremony involved wrapping the cobra around Jakhar's neck, to which he stood like a statue. However, when this was attempted, the snake struck the side of Jakhar's head, injecting deadly venom into him. No one seemed to react much to the bite. It was kind of subtle, but Jakhar did say "ouch" and later touched his head to check for blood. The charmer didn't say anything. In fact, he basically ignored the victim until he began losing consciousness. When it was clear something serious was happening, they rushed Jakhar to a local medicine man, and then to the hospital. Tragically, Jakhar died from the bite. The snake charmer fled and is currently being hunted by the authorities.


There is no telling what Jakhar was thinking. Maybe he trusted the snake charmer since they often remove the snake's fangs to be on the safe side. Maybe he just didn't think he would get bit. Maybe he just didn't think it through. Whatever the reason, it turned out to be a very sad and terrible ending. However, this situation relates remarkably well to how temptation can enter our lives.


1) We trusted someone. Whether it's a friend, a neighbor, a family member, or even someone we just met, sometimes we trust that people won't lead us into a situation where our better judgment would have kept us from. In instances like these, we fell directly into the deception Paul was warning about, "Do not be deceived: 'Bad company corrupts good morals'" (1 Corinthians 15:33). This doesn't mean we should never trust anyone, but we should certainly be cautious, particularly when we are being led into a situation with alarm bells ringing in our minds.


2) We didn't think we would get bit. I don't know how many times I've heard, "That sin just doesn't really bother me." Perhaps there is no greater danger of falling than when we conceitedly think we are strong. 1 Corinthians 10:12 says it clearly, "Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall." Like snakes, sin doesn't care who gets bit. It will ruthlessly continue to strike until it finds a weak point. The best way to keep from being bit is to never even be within striking distance.


3) We just weren't thinking. Sometimes situations occur when we simply just didn't think it through. Honestly, all sin is basically the result of not thinking things through. If we adequately thought about the impact that sin has on our lives, we would sin much less frequently. This is why we need reminders. We need to be reminded by the Lord's Supper. We need to be reminded through Bible classes and sermons. We need to remind ourselves. We need the Lord to remind us through our daily interaction with His word. This will prevent us from entering into a potentially sinful situation without thinking.


Sin is tragic. The more we can prevent it, the better life will be. Let's guard ourselves better so we don't get bit.


-- Brett Petrillo


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