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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Living by faith: A sermon on living by faith

1)      The expression "by faith" occurs about 40 times in the New Testament.

2)      About half of these passages are found in the book of Hebrews, the main source of today's lesson.

3)      We start with Heb. 11:31, a verse that refers to Rahab.

4)      Rahab could have "perished."

a)      When some see the words "by faith" they understand this description to mean BY FAITH ALONE.

b)      As we are going to see, "by faith" does not mean FAITH ALONE.

c)      In this verse BY FAITH is used to make a contrast.

d)     Rahab acted "by faith" while others were "disobedient."

5)      Heb. 11:31 says Rahab "received" the spies. 

6)      Josh. 2:4 says Rahab "hid" the spies that came to her house.

7)      Josh. 2:6 further describes how she took them to the roof of her house and covered the spies with flax.

8)      These details are important because they demonstrate "by faith" is not faith alone.  Verse 30 – READ

a)      Did Israel just stand around and believe the walls would come crashing down?

b)      Stated another way, was it "faith alone" that overcome Jericho?

9)      God says men from Israel had to march around the city of Jericho for six days, Josh. 6:3.

10)  Living by faith requires some time and effort; it is not as easy as it sounds.  Verse 29 – READ

11)  Here we see that "BY FAITH" not only requires some effort, it also requires some sincere belief.

12)  Heb. 11:28 talks about the "destroyer" that passed through Egypt.

13)  In verse 28 "by faith" means we have full confidence in God's word.

14)  Some today think certain parts of the Bible are not true or God will not fulfill what His word says.

15)  Living by faith means we take God at His word and thus do what He says.

16)  Heb. 11:27 – READ

a)      It was because of faith that Moses did not fear the Pharaoh.

b)      When we start to live "by faith," we exchange fear for confidence.

c)      Living "by faith" increases our sureness and decreases apprehension.

17)  Heb. 11:24 – READ

18)  When we start to live by faith there are some things we will stand up for.

19)  A "by faith" life is a great choice because it helps us and others.

a)      Verse 23 – READ

b)      How did Moses get his rich faith?  It was certainly not because of the Egyptians.

i)        Moses' mother and father lived in the right way and this was communicated to Moses.

20)  A life of faith was demonstrated by Joseph (verse 22), Jacob (verse 21), Isaac (verse 20), Abraham (verse 17) .

21)  Are we giving our family a "by faith" example as we go through life?

22)  It was "by faith" that Abraham was prepared to offer up Isaac (Heb. 11:17).

23)  When we start to see what "living by faith" really involves, we realize this is a huge challenge.

24)  Women are also required to "live by faith.  We have seen the examples of Rahab and Moses' mother.

25)  There is also the example of Sarah (verse 11).

26)  Men and women need to live by faith, even if a long period of time is involved.  Heb. 11:7 – READ

27)  ven when it comes to the end of our life we need to operate "by faith."  Heb. 11:5.

28)  Heb. 11:4 tells us that even our worship is "by faith."

29)  We cannot see God, but we have faith in His existence.

30)  Worship by faith also means doing things according to God's revealed will.


31)  Heb. 10:38 says the righteous will live "by faith." God intends for faith to touch every aspect of life.


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