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Wednesday, May 4, 2011



    Three miles west of Blanchard, North Dakota, stands what for decades was the tallest man-made structure in the world and to this day remains third-tallest.  The lattice tower is over 2,000 feet high, weighs 392 tons, and, with guy wires, takes up 160 acres of land.  It is an incredible view, jutting out of the ground in the middle of the flat northern plains (some info from

    In Psalm 61:3, David says, "For you have been a refuge for me, a tower of strength against the enemy."  We see many mentions of towers in the Old Testament, starting with the audacious building project after the flood at Babel.  Towers show up in scripture as places where people hid out and counterattacked their enemies (cf. Judges 9:50-57). Korah cites the many towers near Jerusalem (Psalm 48:12).  But, none of these towers are impervious to attack or decay.  Where are the towers of Babel, Thebez, and Zion today?  They are crumbled into oblivion and discoverable only through archaeological digs.  Even a modern tower that overtook the North Dakota mast for height, a radio tower in Warsaw, Poland, collapsed and lost its ranking.

    There are many places people turn for refuge, comfort, and protection today.  It may be home security systems, money, alcohol, illicit sex, the nation or the military, or any number of other things.  None of those are an adequate substitute for the hope only found in God.  He is the Rock higher than I (Psalm 61:2).  He is the unfailing help of all who turn to Him and trust in Him.  We live in a world where things break down, get replaced, stop working, become obsolete, or fail when tested (cf. Matthew 6:19-20).  Only God will remain the strong tower in which we can entrust our earthly lives and depend upon for eternal life!  Are you in God's strong tower? 


--Neal Pollard  


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