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Friday, November 23, 2018


According to Moses [Psalms 90] this scribe has just under ten years to "get it all together." I’ve now passed my “three score and ten,” and tacked one year on in addition. “Three score and ten” is now in the rearview mirror and “fourscore” is in view on the not-too-distant horizon. Yep! I think it’s about time to “get it all together.” But then, sometimes I think it is an exercise in futility. Someone once lamented that when they finally got it all together, they forgot where they put it. 

 I live in a very small corner of this terrestrial globe. We moved here a little over a year ago, and occasionally when I tell people I live in Olive Branch, Mississippi, I get the typical response: “Where?” I sometimes wonder if my two cents worth that I put into this weekly mail out really makes that much of an impact on anyone or anything outside this small part of the world in which I live.  And about the time I think about hanging up my pen, something appears in the news that I simply cannot ignore. Maybe by God's divine providence the few words that I occasionally share with my readers will make a difference.

 Forty years ago this baby boomer generation thought they had all the time in the world. So we marched on Washington, participated in week long "sit-ins," picketed our government's presence in Viet Nam, and decided that we were going to make our mark on the world with a "new generation" of free thinkers and liberal philosophers. Many a prodigal made the trek to Canada and/or California where they clouded their brain with LSD and marijuana, waited out the "war," and then returned to their home states to run for congress or some other political office. One would think these "hippies" and "flower children" from the drug crazed streets of San Francisco would have learned to be a little more sensible in their later years, but I am prone to think they inhaled deeply on some weed that one could not purchase at your local convenient store. 

 No doubt our parents and grandparents observed this “untoward generation” from afar and asked, “What is this world coming to?”  It would appear that the baby boomers are now asking the same question.  Sometimes I feel sort of like the old Quaker who said to his neighbor, “I think the whole world is going crazy except it be thee or me; and I have my doubts about thee.” 

As Al Gore grows older, and noticeably chubbier, he is still the poster boy for the environmental movement that is pushing for government legislation that will “save our planet.” One dedicated disciple of Gore recently tweeted that if we do not act now, life as we know it will cease by the year 2030 (Wow! Its closer than I realized!). So, in order to save the planet, these environmental whackos want to limit how many miles you can drive in a day, restrict the size of the house you can own, and somehow keep tally on how many squares of toilet paper you use at any one time [really! Some are suggesting a maximum of two squares per…well, you know!].  Global warming has become the catalyst for government control. What confuses me is, “What ever happened to the ice age?”  While we should be good stewards of what God has given us, it seems that some are over-reacting to the warming trend of this world. If it is indeed warming, it has yet to be proven that human beings are the cause of it.  In my estimation, the "mechanism" that is fueling the liberal power grab today is bundled up in the imaginary threat of climate change. We have seen a lot of "nutty" philosophies come down the pike, but this one, without doubt, has to rank among the top ten. As I read such sophisticated silliness, it seems to me that this whole environmental movement, along with Green Peace, PETA, and other organizations that flaunt human wisdom, is an underhanded effort to again de-emphasize human life, and elevate animals, trees, and west Texas cactus plants to that of humanity. All of this under the guise that we need to do something to ‘save the planet.’

 This scribe does not think that Washington, the environmentalists, or any other liberal element is going to save this planet. Nor do I believe we are in danger of the ice caps melting, the climate overheating, or the oil in Arabia running out.  I am not overly concerned about how high the price of gas will get, whether or not Hillary Clinton is going to make yet another run for President, or if I will have enough money to pay next month’s electric bill. And though I may find myself asking from time to time, “What is this world coming to?” – I will be content to rest upon God’s promise that He will take care of me.  As someone has noted, “I’m not concerned about what the world is coming to, as I am encouraged by Who has come to the world!”

By Tom Wacaster



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