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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rules and regulations for the people of Israel

Focus on Him

As I read through the not-so-exciting (at least to me) portions of Leviticus and make my way through all the rules and regulations for the people of Israel (especially for the priests), it occurs to me that I’m learning some things about God that I would otherwise never know. God is concerned about some things that I would normally think are trivial and I’m concerned about some things that aren’t nearly as important to God.

That leads me to what I think is a really important conclusion—I was made for God; God was not made for me!

I think that’s a vital piece of information. I think modern man refuses to recognize this. Consequently, God is his servant rather than him being God’s servant. People like this philosophy. “God wants you to be happy. God wants you to be successful. God wants you to reach your full potential. God wants you to be rich.” Can you see how this all focuses on me?! God doesn’t exist for me. He loves me more than I can imagine, but he can do just fine without me. He did okay before I came along and I’m pretty sure he will be able to function when I’m gone.

It changes your entire focus in life when you acknowledge that you are God’s servant. You are a follower of Jesus Christ. Your objective in life is to please him. Check out the first statement in each of Paul’s epistles. He always began by making it clear that he was a servant of God and/or Jesus Christ. He existed to do God’s will. So do we. Recognition of that one fundamental reality changes the focus of our entire life.

Our life is not about us, our life is about Him.

Ken Stegall

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