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Monday, May 5, 2014

Questions for Christian missionaries



1.         Congregations of the early church were expected to support their own leaders and teachers


___A     by the end of the first century.


___B     within a generation.


___C     from the beginning.



2.         While working in Corinth, Paul was supported by gifts from the churches in


___A     Macedonia.


___B     Asia.


___C     Judea.



3.         God tested people's acceptance of the _____ by whether they were willing to support preachers financially.


___A     word


___B     faith


___C     kingdom



4.         Laborers worked in Jesus' time for a _____ a day.


___A     denarius


___B     talent


___C     measure of wheat



5.         Foreign support sometimes attracts _____ to the ministry.


___A     better‑qualified candidates


___B     mercenaries


___C     misfits




6.         Foreign support may take away ___________ between the national leader and the missionary.


___A     openness in the relationship


___B     tension


___C     excessive requests for aid



7.         _____________ can know best which workers are truly worthy of support.


___A     The missionaries


___B     The national church


___C     The national preachers themselves



8.         Foreign support of national preachers _____________ the time when the national church will be willing to assume support of its own workers.


___A     hastens


___B     delays


___C     does not affect



9.         Supporting national preachers with foreign money improves


___A     the relationship between the nationals and the missionaries.


___B     the statistics reported by the missionaries.


___C     the attitude of the preachers toward the churches they work with.



10.        If missionaries want to stop supporting national preachers with foreign funds, the best way is


___A     to cut off the support all at once.


___B     to reduce the support by degrees.


___C     to wait until the national church says it is ready.



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