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Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to find the right guy to marry

A couple's garage was piled high with duck decoys, fishing rods,
hunting boots, waders and outdoor gear of all kinds. Staring at the mess,
the wife sighed, "I hope I die first, so I don't have to get rid of all

"Look on the bright side," the husband said, "If I go first, you can
put an ad in the paper. When all the men come by to check out the gear, you
can pick out a replacement for me."

Looking at the pile the wife said, "No, any guy who would want all this
stuff would not be my type."

It's true that we can learn something important about a person by
paying attention to what that person is interested in. It's critical that
single Christians understand this. Whatever captures the interest of the
person you are dating, whatever they spend their time and their money on,
will tell you a lot about that person (and, whatever you do, don't go into
marriage thinking you can change that!). Decide early on what "type" of
person you are looking for in a spouse. If you meet someone whose interests
obviously lie in areas that are ungodly or unspiritual, keep looking until
you find someone who's "your type".

And I believe that God is looking for people who are "his type". I
don't mean by that that God is looking for people who are perfect. But God
is looking for people who have a passion to be with Him just as He has a
passion to be with us. I think that's what James meant when he wrote:

"Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God?
Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy
of God." (James 4:4)

When we focus on adopting the attitudes of this world -- such as
selfishness, pride, and materialism -- and when we show by our actions that
we want more than anything else to be a part of this world, God says,
"Anybody who would want all this stuff would not be my type."

Rather, here's what He's looking for -- "Draw near to God...Purify your
hearts...Lament and mourn and weep...Humble yourselves in the sight of the
Lord." (James 4:8-10). That's God's type!

Alan Smith

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