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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fairfield, Ohio hos


    I visited my brother last week who is in a Fairfield, Ohio hospital. As usual, when we get together we talk about "old times."  We reminisced a fishing trip that we took when we were both teenagers.  It was going to be the fishing trip that ended all fishing trips!  We thoroughly planned the excursion, overlooking nothing.  We would go to a gravel peninsula that protruded out into the Little Wabash River just west of Huntington, Indiana. 

            Upon arrival at the sight, we parked the truck in the woods about 100 yards from the sight. We lugged a generator through the weeds and briars, along with two 50 foot extension cords and two flood lights. Returning to the truck, we gathered up two lawn chairs and a large cooler that contained our bait, soft drinks, ring bologna, Ritz crackers, hotdogs, and red licorice. We finally got around to taking our fishing poles and tackle boxes to the sight. 

            The next hour was spent setting everything up just right so nothing would interfere with our pulling in the massive amount of fish we were going to catch. However, before it got too dark, we thought it would be a good idea to gather wood for the camp fire.  With the fire going, we decided to roast some hotdogs; after all, we wouldn't want to be eating and have to drop our food to pull in a fish!

            Finally, after about three hours, with the camp fire blooming, the generator running, the flood lights on, and our bellies full, we set our lawn chairs next to the current and begin to fish.

            About 15 minutes later, we both decided we were tired and out of the mood to fish, and began the process of loading up all our gear and going home.  All the planning, all the hard work of preparation, all the good intentions, fatigued us and put us out of the mood to fish.  All our great expectations to "catch fish" became null and void due mainly to our over-abundant planning and preparation, and feeling that everything needed to be "just right" before we could begin fishing.

            As I think back on this episode, it reminds me of a lot of some church programs.


                                                                                                                                                        --Toby Miller

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