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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ecclesiastes 7:21


In Ecclesiastes 7:21 Solomon warns, "do not take seriously all the words which are spoken...." The fact is, people say things; sometimes things they don't really mean. We often respond "Oh yeah? Then why did they say it if they didn't mean it?!" To this Solomon responds: "haven't you ever said something you didn't mean?" All of us would have to say "yes" to that question. Maybe we said it in anger. Perhaps we were tired, sick, irritated - and so out came those words that we later regret.


Yet this isn't a passage about guarding your words but rather about guarding your ears. We need to be careful about running too far, over-reacting to the words of others. We need to be a little more "thick skinned." Don't take everything so personally. Give people a break. We all say things we didn't mean or say it in a way that upsets the hearer.


Christianity is a religion of tenderness, compassion and forgiveness. Rather than being quick to anger or easily offended, let's give each other a dose of kindness. I know I need it. Do you?


Denny Petrillo


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