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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Luke 17:32 "Remember Lot's wife."


Lot's wife, a nameless woman, has become for all people of all ages an unforgettable woman. She is a great example of the folly of not following God's commands exactly as he gives them (Gen. 19:12-17, 24-26).


The study of Lot's wife must begin with that unforgettable decision Lot made in Genesis 13. Because of strife between their herdmen, Abraham decides that he and Lot must  separate so he gives Lot the choice of direction to go. Lot lifts up his eyes, beholds the well watered plains of Jordan and chooses to pitch his tent toward Sodom, eventually moving into that city an unforgettable wrong choice (Gen. 13:5-13).


Then comes the unforgettable decision by God (Gen. 18). The day came when God decided to destroy Sodom but before he would do so he told Abraham of his decision. Abraham pleaded for Sodom to be spared (50--45--40--30--20--10) but Sodom's fate was sealed (Gen. 18:17-33). Now comes the unforgettable opportunity. Lot, his wife and daughters are given the opportunity to escape the doom. They have the opportunity to begin a new life but Lot lingers--what is he waiting for? Finally we see them as they leave Sodom (Gen.19:1, 12-22). And now we witness that most unforgettable disobedience on the part of Lot's wife. Instructions had been given one of which was "look not behind thee". Sodom had a strong hold on the heart of this nameless woman. She disobeyed and was consumed just as the angels had said (Gen. 19:17-26).


Lot's wife went a little way toward being saved but she had a problem-- she had a divided heart. This is a problem with many today (Matthew 6:24; Luke 9:61-62; Matthew 6:21). As we travel this pathway of life I hope that we will remember Lot's wife and in so doing make right choices, use our opportunities to serve God, and obey him by giving strict obedience to his commands. Do what he says, it is the only safe way to go!


Charles Hicks

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