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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Warren Wilcox



  A great many people know that our late, beloved Warren Wilcox, "Mr. Preacher Training," delivered his last sermon at our 2009 Future Preachers Training Camp that June Wednesday night.  He was already rapidly succumbing to the disease that would take his life before Labor Day.  What you may not know about the man who stood and preached only with great difficulty had made an entry in his day-timer for that June 17, 2009.  He wrote, "Speak no matter what it costs."  Anyone who happened to be present that night has some idea that it cost him, physically and emotionally, to stand there and speak.  I imagine none of us knows the full extent.
Warren epitomizes the attitude of the faithful preacher and teacher.  "In season" preaching is easy to do, in the fair weather of friends and favorable response.  "Out of season" preaching is a differently-colored horse.  There are a great many Bible subjects one should feel great joy and enthusiasm for speaking--grace, hope, peace, heaven, salvation, fellowship, love, and forgiveness.  Others do not elicit such a happy emotion.  They are "hard to hear" and "hard to speak."  They challenge one's courage and conviction to the core.  One, facing the need to present such lessons, can easily count the cost and feel unwilling to pay.  Yet, such a one cannot be counted or considered faithful.  The faithful proclaimer says, "I will 'speak no matter what it costs.'"  Our biblical examples, men like Nathan, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Paul, and Christ, were of that ilk.  Those who populate heaven, in response to Christ's Great Commission, are those who adopt this philosophy.  Those who edify, reprove, and rebuke the people of God are the ones who take this mindset to heart.  May you and I be so dedicated as Warren and "speak no matter what it costs."
--Neal Pollard  

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