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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Casey Anthony case

What does evil and depravity look like?  As the prosecution rests in the Casey Anthony case in Florida, one may have a difficult time looking at Anthony, a well-dressed, attractive young woman, and concluding that she could be capable of vicious, premeditated murder.  None of us are intimately familiar with the case, but the circumstantial evidence is said to be overwhelming that Anthony brutally murdered her innocent, beautiful two-year-old daughter, Caylee.

It may be difficult to look at frail, elderly people and see that these individuals have lived contrary to the law of Christ and are readying to enter eternity without His blood applied to their sins.  They seem gentle and meek.  They certainly do not appear to be "lost."

The sick and infirm, those in third-world nations racked with disease and malnutrition, the poor, and the victims of disaster and privation all should draw our sincere concern and pity.  Yet, their outward condition, however horrible, is secondary to their inward condition.  Just as goodness and good works cannot merit our salvation, appearances, whether young and fresh, elderly and fragile, or poor and needy, cannot offset the sin problem all mankind has (Rom. 3:23; 5:12; Ec. 7:20). 

When we look at the people who cross our paths each day, we must look "soul deep."  The physical counts for nothing.  The question of greatest consequence is, "Are they redeemed by the blood of Christ?"  The old adage is true, that "looks can be deceiving."  Our optimistic nature does not like to look at anyone, especially those described above, as lost.  Yet, the sober reality is that the majority is lost (Mat. 7:13-14).  Throughout human history, that reality has persisted.  Noah learned this.  So did Abraham and Lot.  It was true in the annals of Israel's and Judah's history, as captivity demonstrated in both cases.  It was true in Christ's day.  May we renew that sense of urgency that looks beyond skin deep and reaches out to meet the inner, spiritual needs of the people we encounter each day!
--Neal Pollard  
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