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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Too Little Too Late

Why is it we get interested in the right things when it’s just too late?

A young couple marries, but take one another for granted. He abuses his position as husband, and she resists everything he says or does. Years pass with such neglect, abuse, and mistreatment They end up in a divorce court. In the process of working out a settlement, the husband decides he wishes to repent and reconcile with his wife. Why now? Where was this penitent disposition when it would have saved the marriage? She may resist his offer, deciding that it's no use trying anymore. For her, it’s a case of “too little, too late.”

A foolish and immature son becomes estranged from his parents. He never calls, never visits, never shares his life with them. The parents agonize, but there is little they can do to have a relationship with a child who wants nothing to do with them. Years pass. Age takes its toll on the parents. One day the son receives a call. His mother is dead. He attends the funeral, weeps loudly and uncontrollably — but for what? The opportunity to love his mother and develop a relationship with her is gone forever. He may now see his immaturity, his selfishness, his ungodly character. He may repent and do better in the future, even caring for his widowed and aged father. But as far as his mother is concerned, it’s “too little, too late.”

A man lives an immoral and profligate life. He has no time for spiritual things, and has never made preparation for eternity. God is in none of his thoughts. He disdains the “holy Joes” that do their best to serve God. The day of judgment comes, and he knows it is “too late.” He never prepared himself to meet God. Now he confesses Christ (as all will do, Phil. 2:11) but it is too late. Why didn’t he do it in life when he had time and opportunity? He now receives the consequences of choices he made, and his penitent spirit is just a little bit “too little, too late.”

Perhaps some personal offense was never corrected and the person to whom you needed to apologize has since died. It to late to right a past wrong under such circumstances Does not have to be a “forever failure”? No! Pray to God for His forgiveness, and make whatever restitution you can for the wrong you committed. As long as the world stands and life is in your body, it is never too late to do the right thing, whether that is little or much.

As a youth, serious mistakes may have been made and sins committed which have followed you into adulthood. Don't let the past keep you from repentance immediately.God will accept you, even now.

“Today” is the day of salvation (Heb. 3:15). Let's use it before it is “too little, too late.”

                      - by Mark White


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