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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Books by Tom Wacaster

by Tom Wacaster

I have lived through a virtual revolution in how we acquire knowledge through our reading abilities. The modern age of digital reading devices has opened up a whole new world to the accessibility of knowledge. How you may feel about the good and/or bad of the digital age depends on your background I suppose.

I must confess that this little article is a combination of my weekly "Tom's Pen" and an attempt to inform my readers of books that are available on my website in various reading formats. First, a word about books and and reading in general. Mark Twain is attributed with having said, "The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them."

It seems to me that the present generation does not read nearly as much as did their parents and grandparents. This may be due to the invention of television and/or the movie industry. Virtual reality has caused books at the local library to take a back seat. Our local library offers not just books - old fashioned, printed-0n-paper books - but DVD's, CD's, audio books, VHS tapes, and popular books of the past in digital format.

Having said that, I have explored the possibility to getting my hands on some old and out-of-print books that are in public domain (that simply means that the copyright was not renewed, and the 50 year time has lapsed allowing that book to be open for public use) and making those available in digital format. I have just completed my first project on a book by Harry Rimmer.

Mr. Rimmer published this book on the deity of our Lord almost a century ago. The title is "The Magnificence of Jesus," and for some unknown reason it had limited printing and distribution. There are some old printed copies of the book available on Ebay, but the prices range from "relatively inexpensive" to outrageously expensive.

I have formated the book into digital format and put it on my website book store available in Kindle, IPad, and Sony formats. I do not agree with everything Mr. Rimmer believes, but this work is a classic and should be in every preacher's library. Mr. Rimmber held to the premillennial view of the kingdom of God, and that false doctrine appears in the book. However, his comments on the deity of Jesus, the virgin birth, the God-man aspect of the Savior excell.

Please visit my website to purchase a copy for a mere $2.39. I will send you an email asking for the format you want, and then make arrangements to get a link to you to download into your epub reader.

While you are at my site, peruse my other books, in printed format or epub format. I also make some of my commentaries available for ESword.

Someone once wrote:

Let books be your dining table,
And you shall be full of delights
Let them be your mattress
And you shall sleep restful nights.
~Author Unknown

I hope you will make it a practice in this new year to read a few good books. It really will enrich your life.

Click here to go to my store

By the way all shipping is free on my website with the exception of a free copy of my paper back, "Studies in Galatians." You can acquire a free copy of this little book by simply paying the postage.

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