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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The way of the Cross Leads Home

6 Hours on a Tree
Scott Johnson , Sun morn, Feb 20, 2011
East Faulkner Church of Christ
El Dorado, Arkansas

No one to care
All alone with
His own cross to bear.

Stricken and scourged
Flogged and reviled
Where is his God?
This is God's child!

On the third hour
It did begin
On the sixth hour
Angels prayed it would end.

"Father, forgive them Gen 50.17
For what they do Lk 23.34
They do not know"
(as they divided his clothes) Psa 22.18
Love is all he has to show. Jn 19.24

Concern for the thief
The one on the right
"Today shall you be Psa 32.1
With me in Paradise". Lk 23.43

Concern for his Mother
And brother we're told
"Dear Woman thy son, Ex 20.12
Friend thy Mother Jn 19.26-27

Sins price to pay
Oh what a cost to be
A perfect Lamb
With perfect love
As he hangs three
Hours on a tree.

From the sixth to the ninth
The sun light stopped
Darkness reigned and
Death seemed for naught
But now a voice speaks
From the teacher who taught.

"My God, my God Psa 22.1
Why hast thou forsaken me"? Mat 27.46
Cannot God see , its
6 Hours on a Tree.

"Come to me and I will
Give you living water"--
Were words once said,
Now, "I thirst" is heard Psa 69.21
As he bowed his head. Jn 19.28

"It is finished", he cried Gen 2.2
The work is now done Jn 19.30
Sin has been captured
Death surely has been won!

"Into your hands Lord Psa 31.5
My spirit I yield" Lk 23.46
God is his portion
His rock and his shield
He takes his last breath
Is this how he overcomes death?

The scripture fulfilled
With the casting of a spear Zec 12.10
Blood and water flow Jn 19.34
The piercing so clear.

Dear sinner friend
Can't you see
The nail prints in his hands and feet
Were for you and for me.

Sin has been atoned
Death's chains removed
Eternal life approved!

6 Hours on a Tree
Here at Calvary
Men and Women to
Die no more--
Eternal life purchased
With the blood afore.

Salvation's plan has now
Been sealed
Believe, Repent, Immerse
Into the center of his will
Come to the fountain
Drink and be free
Jesus invites you
After--6 Hours on a Tree.

Christ's message is clear
The cross we must bear
His Holy Spirit to share
Heaven now awaits us
All who will be free
For, Jesus, the Son of God,
Hung 6 Hours on a Tree.

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